We believe strongly in maintaining close relationships with clients through ongoing support to ensure the potential utilization of the business Solution. SOFTWARE CREATION has been providing a full spectrum of quality services to ensure a steadfast business solution.

We offer the following onsite consulting services:


Implementation methodology enables a business to quickly reap the benefits of the powerful solution and achieve renewed operational effectiveness. SOFTWARE CREATION offers a unique process and framework that puts a new level of control and structure under the implementation of complex enterprise software.

Onsite Training

Our professional consultants provide customized training upon request. Training is designed to meet the specified requirements by educating and successfully developing the skills necessary for users implementing new features, new modules or who will be taking on new roles and tasks.

We recommend the continual education to:

  • Keep employees abreast of changes and enhancements to SOFTWARE CREATION solution to ensure that you are constantly getting the most out of your software and your employees
  • Educate new employees or employees in new positions on the capabilities of the software

Site Evaluations

As your business requirements evolve, so are technology and software capabilities expanding. It is momentous to stay abreast of these changing. Experienced SOFTWARE CREATION individuals with extensive knowledge in best business practices are able to evaluate your business and current use of the software, and make recommendations for improvements, enabling business solution to take advantage of the latest features and technologies with no disruption to their business.