Fleet Management & Tracking System

Nigehbaan tracking system is yet another remarkable addition in the field of Automated Business Software. Leveraging the input from Top Transportation experts and fleet owners, Beacon has designed Nigehbaan Tracking System in a way that enables you to track and manage your fleet, assets and workforce in the most effective and efficient way. Our goal is to provide companies with a tracking solution that is both innovative and affordable.


TruckDestino greatly enhances the operational efficiency of your fleet, drivers and dispatch department. It uses the advanced software technologies to address the integrated process, speedy networks, and operational complexities. It provides greater control mechanism & minimizes operational costs. Built-in mobility in the system helps to track the fleet, drivers, and provides Increased visibility through dispatch dashboard rapid response to plan & alerts about the exceptions. Android based smart phone app brings in electronic delivery proof and eliminates manual paper work. Automated invoicing makes your billing process fast and productive. Overall TruckDestino brings improved productivity, faster deliveries and quick decision making to your trucking business.

EDI Services

Electronic Data Interchange being the most rapid mode of data transportation, Beacon has developed comprehensive EDI solution that integrates the warehouse operations with EDI data management. The service component includes warehouse set up for EDI data transmissions (850, 856, 810, 852, 830, 997,etc) , order processing and pick pack management against periodic replenishment orders by individual retail store. Web based reporting on retail orders, shipments, invoices and stock updates, is the value added feature of beacon EDI services. This service is common to every replenishment business and works equally good for factory side warehouses and 3PL’s (3rd party logistics).

BHRMS Services

Beacons’ Human Resource Information System is a state of the art human resource information System that encompasses following major aspects of Human Resource Management
1. Employees’ Profiles
2. Attendance and Time Sheet Maintenance
3. Leave Management
4. Detailed Salary History
5. Payroll Management
6. Loans / Advances Management
7. Gratuity & Final Settlements
On basis of Its detailed and comprehensive reports, entrepreneurs can device and reposition their HR policies to derive maximum output from available work force..

Forecasting and Supply Chain Management

Beacon provides demand forecast and supply chain services that greatly enhances the predictability of future business events and helps to optimize the supply chain efficiency. Beacon’s web based forecasting & supply chain tool takes the historical data, tracks current sales & order trends and generates future production curve in conjunction with available inventory stocks. In order to gauge the accuracy of forecast and do the educated judgmental overrides, Beacon has deployed best talent in its enterprise who provides leadership on flow planning and perpetual supply chain management. With a complete web based visibility, Beacon Services accelerate the responsiveness against sudden shifts in demand chain management.

Warehousing Services

Beacon collaborates with multiple warehouses at East Coast and West Coast in North America. These warehouses assume the functions of receiving the merchandising, stocking, and doing weekly replenishments through Pick- Pack/ Cross-Dock to retailer’s stores. Beacon’s US based teams work with retailer’s EDI dept to set up warehouses to ensure successful order fulfillment managing FIFO/LIFO and smooth EDI transactions. The warehouse facilities located at West Coast and East Coast provide flexibilities to use multiple distribution points based upon proximity of retail stores. Beacon also offers warehouse management software which is web based and provides real time visibility to inventory check-in, shipments, aging of stocks, inventory turns and stock locations.

Demand Forecast & Supply Chain Management-Market Intelligence

Beacon’s forecast management is done in close collaboration with customer relationship. Beacon’s international teams establish close liaisons with customer’s buying groups in order to solicit future marketing strategies affecting demand pattern. Such frequent liaisons provide updates on retail market trends, retailer’s internal policies (promotional mark down, coverage, uplift, de-lift, OTB etc.), and finally helps to align the operational plans to customer’s objectives.

Description of Services

  • Forecasting & supply chain management
  • SKU Analysis & Production and flow Planning
  • Liaison & Co-ordination with retailers for market intelligence
  • EDI replenishment services
  • Warehouse Management Services

Infrastructure & Tools

Beacon operates its Hub office in Pakistan with its branch offices in New York and teams deployed in Dallas, Chicago and Los Angles. Our US teams in various cities of US establish strong collaboration with retailers, their merchandise associated teams in order to solicit future demand and sales forecast trends. Teams in Pakistan analyses the trend down to individual sku and fabricates unbreakable supply line for manufacturer.

Use Cutting Edge Information Technology

IT being the most effective tool in today's business, Beacon has deployed a dedicated IT team that has automated the whole supply chain. With the use of modern web based tools, manufacturer and retailer can log on to their individual web portal and can easily monitor their supply chain & future production forecast.