About Us

Beacon’s Vision


Customer service being the center of our business logic, our vision is to invent supply chain tools which accelerate the wheels of distribution and fortify business performance of an enterprise.

The foundation of Beacon’s business model rests on the pillars of High Level of Supply chain Visibility, Analytic Power, Innovation, and Cutting Edge IT Technology.

Beacon, The Company

Change is the only power tool that keeps you ahead of the curve in today�s business environment. Retail industry has taken numerous shifts over the last century to get to a point today where, Speed to Market; CTR (Cycle Time Reduction), CPFR (Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment) and, Lean Retailing have become popular slogans, which will take this industry to the next level. This potentially is going to re-shape the Retailer-Manufacturer relationship from transactional to Strategic. In today's world, retailer seeks participative role from its partners in order to use combined intelligence and talents in the areas of supply chain management, forecasting, inventory management and reducing business cycle time. Reading store level sales & demand pattern and Shipping Direct to Store has become extremely important for a sustainable replenishment business. Beacon, having the core competencies in supply chain management & forecasting inherited from its parent organization Masood Textile Mills Ltd, has partnered with the largest manufacturer in South and Far East Asia to service their replenishment business needs to major retailers in US including, JCPenney, Macy's, Kohl's, Sears-Kmart, thus developing a unique service niche for manufacturers which serves like a magnet to attract and retain replenishment business for them. Here are the key retailer/manufacturer partnerships that Beacon has helped to create and establish over the last 05 years.

Beacon has helped both retailers & manufacturers to leverage great amount of efficiencies out of their bonded relationship.